Dog Poo Incinerators

Our range of incinerators have been designed to dispose of dog faeces (dog poo!) This range is ideal for kennels, rescue shelters breeders alike.

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Inciner8 Incinerators and incineration

We're pretty sure there isn't anyone around who likes seeing dog poop on the pavement or worse still hanging from a tree in a bag!

Small Incinerators are perfect to address this problem.
dog poo incineration

A global waste phenomenon

With most developed countries boasting millions (see below) of dog owners the waste generated is quite staggering. Just one average dog produces around 300-400g of faeces per day which in turn is around 146kg of waste per year.

  • USA – 75.8 million
  • United Kingdom – 8.7 million
  • Canada35 million
  • China – 24 million
  • Brazil – 35.7 million
  • Russia – 15 million

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How to dispose of animal waste

The waste generated in shelters, catteries, vets and kennels is usually considered as ABP (Animal By Products*) – which comprises typically of animal waste. All of which is safe to incinerate (see What you can/cannot incinerate?).

*-if you are incinerating anything other than animal carcasses you should seek the advice of your local environmental agency.