The Best Dog Sweaters For Your Sweet Pooch!

Dog Apparel By Kelsey Leicht 13 min read November 14, 2021

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Best Dog Sweaters

As the leaves begin to fall and cool air creeps in, we two-footers often start going gaga over sweater weather. But humans aren’t the only animals that love sweaters — some pups love wearing them too! 

After all, what’s better than a comfy sweater on a crisp autumn day?

Dog sweaters vary from light pullovers to heavyweight options intended to keep doggos warm and toasty, preventing the dreaded pupsicle. With this in mind, we’ve put our best paw forward in a search for the best dog sweaters for winter. 

Keep reading to learn more about doggie sweaters and learn the details of some of our favorites. But, if you’re in a hurry, just check out our quick picks below!

Quick Picks: Best Dog Sweaters

  • Kooltail Plaid Hoodie — This checkerboard-patterned canine sweater is a fashionable and functional choice, that is available in two colors and eight sizes.
  • Blueberry Pet Classic Sweater — A relatively lightweight, cable-knit sweater, this pullover is available in scads of colors and sizes big enough for canines of relatively substantial size.
  • Turtleneck Terrier Dog Sweater — As warm as it is adorable, this sweater is a fantastic choice for pint-sized puppers.

How Do I Know What Size Sweater To Get My Dog?

Picking the right size sweater is a must to avoid discomfort.

Measuring your pooch makes the process easier, and since every dog has their own shape, you want to measure various points on your pupper’s body to ensure an ideal fit. This includes measuring your dog’s:

  • Body length
  • Neck girth
  • Chest width
  • Waist girth
  • Shoulder size
  • Arm width

This is critical, as certain breeds are harder to fit due to their features.

For instance, my Pitties Maya and Moxie have girlish waists yet bulky shoulders, while their Pekingese pal Taj is bulky all around. Compared to my Lab, Boomer, sizing them is much trickier.

Consult the manufacturer’s sizing chart before making a final selection, as sizing varies between companies – sometimes significantly. Pay attention to the dimensions listed too and not just the breed and weight guidelines.

These measurements are great to have on hand, as they’re useful for sizing everything from dog harnesses to canine rain jackets, in addition to the cozy sweaters we’re covering here.

Best Dog Sweaters on the Block

With all that in mind, we went on the chase for the best dog sweaters. We’ve dug up a variety of awesome items, including small and large dog sweaters alike.

1. Turtleneck Terrier Dog Sweater

About: The Turtleneck Terrier Dog Sweater satisfies a lot of criteria pet parents want in a dog sweater. It’s not only adorable, but it’s light enough for everyday use and made of quality materials that should last. 

Turtleneck Terrier Dog Sweater

Features: This sweater has a classic cable-knit design and a “Route 66” patch that make it too cute to resist. Your pooch can also rock this sweater without feeling stuffy, as it’s lightweight and breathable. This also means your pooch should be able to wear it indoors without overheating. 

Offered in six unique colors, this sweater is a great addition to your pup’s wardrobe. There are several sizes to choose from, with dimensions clearly marked on an easy-to-read chart. However, the manufacturer does note that most sizes are only appropriate for small dogs. 


This sweater looks a lot like a typical, human sweater, which most owners will likely love. Also, because it’s lightweight, it is a good option for owners living in mild climates. We love how light it is too, preventing an overly toasty pup. It also has a snug fit, ideal for cuddle bugs. Tossing in your washer between wears on delicate won’t be a problem either.


This sweater is made for small dogs only, which is a bummer, and while we appreciate its lightweight feel, this won’t work in cold climates where insulation is a must. This one is definitely more for cuteness than warmth functionality. The knit design can lead to snags too, so we don’t suggest this for outdoor use around brush. Lastly, there’s no hole for connecting a leash to a collar beneath. 

2. Doggy Sweetheart Knit Sweater

About: The Doggy Sweetheart Knit Sweater won our hearts with its adorable designs. Another pick perfect for everyday use, this should be a comfy addition for any canine’s closet.

Doggy Sweetheart Knit Sweater

Features: A sweet pick for small dogs, this sweater looks great while keeping your pooch warm with a tight-knit design. 

The Doggy Sweetheart Sweater also features thick lining at the neck, arms, and bottom, which helps to add an extra touch of cozy where they need it most.

There are four designs available, each with a different color scheme and graphic.  This sweater is also machine washable, which is pretty convenient. 


We can’t say enough how much we love the designs of this one. Who doesn’t love hearts and strawberries? This is a bit more insulated than some other casual sweaters, which extends its use into the winter. We’re wild about the fit, as it stretches comfortably and allows for natural movement. Care is effortless too since it’s machine-washable, which will make it easy to keep this sweater looking great.


This is another pick that’s only offered in small dog sizes, leaving larger doggos in the cold. And while it is warmer than some, it isn’t thick enough to be ideal for prolonged use in truly cold weather.  There is no hole for leash connection either.

3. “Cuddly Pup” Dog Sweater

About: Looking cute in the cold has never been easier than with the Cuddly Pup Dog Sweater. Our tails are wagging over its adorable look and comfy design.

Cuddly Pup Canine Sweater

Features: This sweater features ribbed linings on the arms, neck, and bottom that earn the cuddly name outright by protecting pups from chilly drafts. Thicker than many other designs on the market, this sweater is great for keeping canines warm when winter comes knocking.

With eight awesome colors to choose from, you should have no problem finding one that is perfect for your pooch’s sense of style. This sweater is available in six different sizes, but none are appropriate for large dogs. 


This sweater’s thickness and added insulation will help keep your pooch warm and toasty, making this a perfect choice for outdoor exploration.  Machine-washable fabric is always a bonus, as is its tight-knit design, which isn’t as prone to pesky pulled threads.  


While warmth is appreciated, it can be a concern if your pupper is prone to overheating. Some dogs may not love sweaters with sleeves, so keep that in mind before ordering. Leash connection may also be an issue as this sweater lacks a a cutout for the leash to pass through.  

4. Blueberry Pet Classic Pullover Sweater

About: We can’t howl enough about the Blueberry Pet Classic Pullover Sweater. Another fashionable sweater, this one is made with your choice of three different materials: wool, nep yarn, and acrylic. 

Features: A classic cable-knit design makes this sweater a fantastic choice for the fashion-conscious pup. Warm yet lightweight, this sweater will help block the chill of the air without weighing your doggo down. 

The built-in hole makes connecting to leashes or harnesses a breeze, and because it’s machine-washable, you should have no trouble keeping this sweater looking great for years. 

There are eight sizes to choose from, making fitting Fido a breeze, and with 20 shades available, you should have no trouble picking one that is perfect for your pooch.


Most owners who purchased the Blueberry Pet Pullover were very pleased with their choice. Several reported that it not only fit well, but was also incredibly soft and comfy for their canine. Additionally, it is easy to use with a leash, thanks to the cutout provided near the neck.


While most owners liked this sweater, a few mentioned that it was a bit tricky to put on their dog. It’s also fairly lightweight, which means it won’t be an ideal choice for dogs living in extremely cold climates.

5. PUPTECK Classic Plaid Style Sweater

About: The PUPTECK Classic Plaid Style Sweater is a great-looking sweater that features a charming, old-school aesthetic and a comfortable fit to keep your canine cozy. And because it includes a cutout for easy leash access, it’ll be easy to show off this sweater while walking (safely) down the street. 


  • MEASURE YOUR DOG: Make sure the size fits perfectly as followed: XS Chest Girth 15" Back Length 10"...
  • SOFT AND WARM: High-quality warmth retention property and comfortability with 100% Acrylic n which...
  • LEASH HOLE DESIGN: The dog cold weather coat is designed with a back leash hole so that the leash...
  • EASY TO WEAR AND KEEP CLEAN: The sleeveless design and pullover style are easy to put on and take...

Features: A light Dacron sweater with a striking plaid pattern, the PUPTECK Sweater provides just about everything an owner could want in a canine sweater. This sweater provides a  flexible fit, to help ensure your pup still enjoys complete freedom of movement when playing in the yard, and it provides just enough warmth for backyard adventures in chilly weather.

The PUPTECK Sweater is available in four standard colors and four different sizes. Just be sure to measure your pooch carefully before ordering, to ensure you get the right size for your four-footer.     


Comfort is king with this sweater, skipping stiff arm features for four-legged freedom. The armholes offer enough wiggle room to avoid uncomfortable squeezing, and the fabric is flexible, allowing for curling up or running amok. Don’t worry about cleaning either, as it’s machine-washable. Walking while wearing isn’t a problem with its included cutout for easy clipping to collars beneath.


The PUPTECK Sweater isn’t as warm as some other options, so it may not be the best choice for dogs who live in blizzard country.  Most owners seemed to have no trouble obtaining the correct size, but slimmer dogs may find the fit a bit baggy. Just be sure to follow the size chart closely.

6. KOOLTAIL Plaid Hoodie 

About: The KOOLTAIL Plaid Hoodie has it all when it comes to stylish winter wear for woofies. Our tails are wagging up a storm over this one! It even comes with an attached hood!


  • SIZE: M - neck girth 19", chest girth 22", back length 16". Please carefully measure the broadest...
  • SOFT MATERIAL: 100% polyester with fleece lining, firm to the touch and thicker than most hoodies....
  • DESIGN FEATURING: The hoodie is designed with a classic plaid pattern and a kangaroo pocket that...
  • LEASH HOLE: The neck of the clothing is provided with a hole of 1.6", and the leash can through it,...

Features: A fashionable find that looks just like your favorite hoodie, this sweater wins plenty of style points. The two of you can strut your stuff while looking and feeling great despite the cold. 

With two colors in five sizes to choose from, you should be able to find one that has the perfect combination of fit and fashion, whether you have a chubby Chihuahua or a slim Spaniel.

This dog hoodie is made from a 65/35 polyester-cotton blend, and the manufacturer explains that it is machine-washable. A cutout is provided near the sweater’s neck, so that you can quickly and easily attach your pupper’s leash while he’s wearing it. 


The KOOLTAIL Hoodie earned very high marks from most owners who tried it. Several raved about the sweater’s plaid pattern, and others loved the included hood. For their part, most dogs seemed happy to wear the garment too. It is also important to note that this is one of the few sweaters that is available in sizes large enough for huge pups (including Great Danes).  


While the hoodie design is super cool, it does have drawbacks. The hood is rather unnecessary, as most dogs won’t appreciate it pulled over their head. The arms can be hard for some dogs to adapt to as well. For that matter, while the pocket pouch is pretty neat, it may catch on things while your pooch is running around outdoors.   

7. Chilly Dog Boyfriend Sweater

About: We’re wild about the Chilly Dog Boyfriend Sweater, which features a classic look, and is available in an array of sizes, making it suitable for tiny terriers and hefty hounds alike.  




5,465 Reviews
Amazon Prime


  • Natural fibers
  • Made in 8 sizes to fit all breeds
  • Best selling dog sweater for the last 15 years
  • Fits barrel chested breeds

Features: Handmade from 100-percent wool, this sweater is a high-quality garment, which should help keep your pooch warm on cold Winter days. It is also cut in a manner that’ll keep your canine’s arms free to run and play, making it a perfect choice for spirited sprites. 

Unlike some other sweaters, which feature bold, loud colors, this sweater is much more subdued. The bulk of the sweater is a handsome gray color, but it also features white and red trim to spice it up just a bit. 

The manufacturer doesn’t indicate whether or not this sweater is machine washable, so you should probably just wash it by hand and let it drip dry to keep it looking great. 


The Chilly Dog Boyfriend Sweater received positive reviews from most owners. Several verified that this is, indeed, a warm sweater, which works well in really cold climates. The styling also received plenty of praise from owners who tried it. 


A few owners noted that the wool was somewhat rough, which means it is best suited for dogs with medium to long hair (it may be too scratchy for short-haired floofs). It’s also pretty disappointing that it should probably be washed by hand, instead of just tossing it in with your other laundry.

Honestly, Do Dogs Really Need Sweaters?

Dog sweaters are fashionable and fun, but they’re also must-haves for pooches living in cold climates. 

Frigid temperatures are rough on breeds with short, thin coats like Dalmatians, and they’re even harder on those who have slim builds like Greyhounds and Salukis.

Petite puppers also have a tough time in the cold, as their little bodies lose heat much faster than larger furred friends.

Fortunately, sweaters will often help these pooches stay warm and toasty when the mercury plummets.

great dog sweaters

Sweaters can also serve vital safety functions.

For example, some sweaters are designed to make pups easy to spot, which comes in handy during dog park parties and walks alike. Bright attire is also a must in areas where hunting is in season.

This doesn’t mean every four-footer needs a sweater though. Dog sweaters are no doubt great for many puppers, but they’re not right for every doggo. 

Never, for example, use dog sweaters in warm environments, as pups overheat quickly.

In fact, you’ll want to be sure to keep an eye on Fluffy while she’s wearing a sweater; if she shows signs of distress (like excessive panting, pacing, or producing thick drool), remove it immediately.

How Should a Dog Sweater Fit?

Ideally, a sweater should be snug to retain body heat without being tight or restrictive.

Make sure your pooch can move comfortably. She should be able to stand, sit, walk around and perform her usual doggo acrobatics with ease while wearing the garment.  

Pay close attention to areas such as the arms and neck where discomfort can occur if the holes are too small. Like a collar, you should be able to slip two fingers between your dog and the fabric easily. 

You also want a sweater that doesn’t prevent a pup from potty breaks. Keep both exits clear for a happy (and clean!) hound.  

Dog Sweater Washing: Keeping Your Dog’s Sweater Looking Great 

Like any other accessory, dog sweaters need maintenance to stay comfy and clean. Otherwise, they may cause skin irritation and create odors. 

Pay attention to care instructions when selecting sweaters, as some require more care than others. 

Most dog sweaters are machine-washable, but some need to be hand-washed such as 100-percent wool dog sweaters. Washing sweaters inside-out in cold water on the delicate setting is typically the best option for machine-washable sweaters to preserve colors. Air drying, as opposed to machine-drying, is better as well.

Another concern is snags, which knit sweaters are susceptible to when exposed to brush or other rough surfaces. If your pup has a habit of rolling around outside, we’d skip the knit and stick to other fabrics.

sweaters for dogs


While there are tons of sweaters choose from, don’t get lost in the fluff. The best dog sweaters for winter and beyond are those that are comfortable. Tell us how your pup keeps warm in the comments!

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