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Farm incinerators can eradicate infectious diseases in livestock & save you money on waste disposal. Many of our models are also DEFRA type approved.

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Inciner8 Incinerators and incineration

Agricultural waste is becoming a bigger part of farmers' daily lives. With the ever increasing fees for landfill and livestock rendering, many farm owners are taking steps to control these costs.

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What is the best incinerator for a farm?

Some larger or group owned businesses will already have a “farm waste management plan” but for the most part you can easily do this yourself. Farm waste can be extremely varied, we always advise our clients to monitor their typical waste generation over a month BEFORE they start thinking of which machine to purchase. Once the waste streams are identified you will then need to think of the volumes of waste you will be processing per hour/day. Include all the following:

  • Livestock Bedding (old/soiled)
  • General farm waste (incl. Household)
  • Fallen livestock
  • Butchering waste

INCINER8 have designed a range of purpose-built incinerators for farm use. Many of these machines are DEFRA type-approved and can be used for a range of agricultural waste streams. In some circumstances, heat recovery may be a viable option too and allow you to generate hot air/water as added benefits.

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Can I incinerate all my farm waste?

If your farm or agricultural business produces a specific waste stream that you are not sure about, speak to one of our experienced team who would be happy to advise on the latest legislation and on what you can and cannot burn in an incinerator.

In most countries there are organisations who decide what can be burnt. Often there are rules about the weight and type of waste.

If you are looking for a solution for remnants after processing, butchering then please read our animal by-products page.

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Suitable for all sizes of farm

Whether you run a small-holding with 20 head of livestock or are responsible for a large scale commercial operation with hundreds of hectares under your supervision, we have a solution that will work. If you run a poultry farm or hatchery visit our poultry incinerators page.

Why choose an Incinerator from INCINER8?

With decades worth of experience in this sector, our agricultural range of incinerators are designed to cater for the economical needs of small farms and specialized agri businesses alike. Our machines can be made fully automated – reducing staff exposure to waste and maximising efficiency.

For any other kind of livestock or agricultural incinerator please take a look at our Animal Incinerator page.